The Swedish Energy Agency is Sweden’s largest public funder and facilitator of Swedish sustaintech companies. Our mission is to promote and spread Swedish energy innovations, in the efforts to help combat climate change. We support companies with funding and knowledge throughout their entire business growth journey, from basic research to commercialisation and internationalisation. Our work makes us a unique point of contact to Sweden’s most relevant sustaintech companies, which enables us to match the most promising companies with relevant investors; in Sweden as well as internationally.

Cleantech Scandinavia is the renowned provider and promoter of Nordic cleantech, since 2007. Our exclusive platform of Nordic cleantech companies offers a unique opportunity for our well-established international network of investors, industrials, real estate companies, cities, service providers and the public sector.
We offer cleantech-related innovation scouting, impact assessments, collaboration projects, investment opportunities and statistics, as well as business intelligence in the Nordics.
Today we have some 50 members, including venture funds, industrial ventures from leading multinational companies, real estate companies, cities, service providers and government organisations. We have members from all continents with one common interest – Nordic clean technology innovation.

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